The Methodology for Pro-active Management of IT Production


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MOPS is a management methodology for pro-active management of IT Production. It has been registered as a trademark with the Intellectual Property office in the UK.

IT Production Management is responsible for the day-to-day running of the IT Infrastructure and IT Support teams. This may include Service Desk, Systems Managers, Database Admins, Networking and Computer Operations. For historical reasons, this can become an increasing proportion of the total IT budget.

The modern management approach to IT Production Management.

IT Production - the cost of Maintenance and Operational Support – can often become a significant percentage of the total costs of the application during its life-cycle.

Whilst a typical IT development / deployment project may last, say, 6 months, the support for that application may be required for years in the future. In some cases, these costs could make the difference between whether the application is financially viable or not.

A Methodology for Managing IT Production.

As the focus of IT Management moves from developing new IT applications to managing existing systems (“keeping the lights on”), there is an increasing need for consultancy services that can help the IT Production Manager deliver improved effectiveness and efficiency.

What is needed, therefore, is a consultancy approach which addresses the unique needs of IT Production Managment.

The MOPS consultancy approach has been developed by experienced IT Production consultants in order to address this requirement.

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